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Bucci Painting Corp.
Coating Pics
Below are pictures of past coating and painting jobs. "Clicking" on the pictures below will open a window with additional pictures of that job (some of which include before, during and after shots).
Finish Pic and back in service.  Water Cooling Tower Pipe Submerged in Acidic Water 24/7 for several years.  Pipe was Sand Blasted free of rust and coatings to an SSPC Level 10 Blast and then coated with a chemically resistant epoxy mastic coating.Before while tarping project for containment of media.
CoGen Plant air inlet Finish Picture.  Shaft over thirty ft high.  Rusty floor and cone coated with a chemical resistant coating designed for submersion due to condensation. Galv steel etched and coated with epoxy.Etching and hand scrubbing of surface before rinsing and coating.
ACC Cooling Duct and stanchions.  Power washed with turbo head to remove chalkiness.  Welds and corners ground free of rust and loose coatings then striped by hand with 2 part epoxy.  Galvanized stanchions primed with a Galv. Sealer.  Entire structure coated with a tinted urethane for UV protection.Picture during primer and weld striping phase.Finish Picture.
We're Uploading a whole bunch of other pictures of our work, so come back to check them out soon.
Before picture of a concrete floor with a clear sealer.Special equipment is used to scarrify and grind off coatings as well as open up concrete pores to accept stains and other coatings.
Finish regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility where antimicrobial very washable coatings were applied.  Picture shows cleaning and etching products being used to prepare surface for new coating.  Decals and placards installed once coated.Finish Pic of FDA regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility where antimicrobial very washable coatings were applied.
Three tears of Airation tanks, rails, pipe racks, clarifier, flooring.  Was treated for mildew, power washed, ground to remove old loose coatings and rust, primed and two coated.  Grit added to floor coating for slip resistance.
Inside an Air Filter House on back side of filters at Power Plant.  Rusty structural steel and peeling paint needed to be ground down, primed with a penetrating moisture cure primer and then coated with a durable high solids low VOC epoxy.
Filter House Interior in Power Plant
Airation Tank Platforms for Waste Water Treatment
FDA inspected Prouction Area
Floor Coating Applied in hall
Sandblasting of Metal Fabrication Cutting Equipment For SIEMAG
Propane Tank Sandblasting and Coating for AmeriGas
Scarifying and acid etch staining Concrete Floors to give natural stone effect
ACC Duct striping and Coating at Power Plant
Turbine Air Inlet at Power Plant
Water Cooling Shed Piping at Power Plant
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AC Unit Floor Sandblasted, Seams Striped, and Liner Replaced at Hudson Valley Community College
Flanders Corp Formerly KAZ Plant and 52,000sqft Warehouse Plus Mezzanine in Hudson, NY
NOCO Petroleum Tanks
Schenectady Waste Water Treatment Facility Clarifier Lid Sandblasting, priming, insulating, topcoating.
Campers World Kingston, NY  Concrete Floor Epoxy Floor Metallic Reflector Coating,  Retail Site
Campers World Kingston, NY  Exterior Corrugated Metal Walls and Entire Exterior being Painted
Campers World Kingston, NY  38,000 sqft of Exterior Galvanized Corrugated Metal Roof being Coated
Industrial Coatings & Linings
Coating of Ammonia Tank and Concrete Secondary Containment