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Bucci Painting Corp.
Interior and Exterior House Painting

A Bucci estimate is much more than a price written on a piece of scrap paper.  Our estimates are an opportunity for our customers to learn about and become more comfortable with us before we come to paint your home.  The estimates are an opportunity to learn about why your home may be experiencing certain paint failures, and to hear about the the best solutions to prevent these failures in the future.  We'll walk around the house together to make sure we are all on the same page and we understand exactly what you are looking for.  Then we can choose the colors and sheens that you love the most.  We will leave you with a very detailed written estimate and a timeline for when we will be back to paint.  Prices are determined in a very systematic way that is consistent from house to house to assure accurate and fair estimates.
    -We have hundreds of colors and swatches to choose from and can custom mix paint to match any brand or pallet you may have chosen from.

The key to a good long lasting paint job lies in the prep.  The surface to be painted has to be clean, dull, and dry.  Prep work can be very time consuming and can take much more energy than applying a finish coat.  Without the right prep, a paint job will likely fail within the first 12 to 18 months thus wasting a homeowner's money.  Prep work includes:

    -washing walls to remove dust, dirt, grimme, etc.
    -a light hand scrape to remove paint chips and bumps.
    -the use of plaster and paintable caulking to fill holes, cover cracks.
    -light sanding or spongwork to uneven plaster.
    -and priming bare surfaces (gypsum board, new molding, hard glossy surfaces and paints) to       assure proper adhesion of the finish coat and a consistent look.  Spot priming may be         necessary to seal stains that may be left from an old leak in the roof, or a full prime for                 something like a puffback from the furnace.
    -in the case of wallpaper removal the wallpaper must be scored, steamed and and scraped off         by hand.

    -pressure washing a substrate to remove chalking and dirt,
    -a hand scrape to remove paint chips,
    -the use of paintable caulking and glazing to prevent moisture damage
    -and priming bare surfaces to assure proper adhesion of the finish coat.

The finish coat is where your home comes to life.  Its the point on a job where you get to see the results of your imagination and choice of colors.  Many of us  have lost sleep thinking of different color schemes for our homes (trim colors, wall colors, acsents), but its worth it when you see the finished product.  After the prepwork is complete the finish coat can be applied with confidence.  Not only will it make the house look great, but it protects what is likely your largest investment.

Beautifying a house is not just about how much paint we put on the house, but how little we get on everything else.  When Outside we use drop cloths over everything and everywhere we work including walkways, steps, rooves, shrubs, decks, grass, driveways, etc. to catch chips and any drips.  When indoors we are even more conscious of using drop cloths over everything and everywhere we work including entranceways, walkways, steps, over carpeting and over furniture, etc.  Our equipment is collected, cleaned and organized at the end of each day and ladders are taken off walls.  Not only does the working site look better, but it is safer for children and those that may come through the site after hours.  We also remove any trash (including empty paint cans) made during the job.  Upon completion of the job, the jobsite will be neat and clean just as when the job started. 

A note for the environmentally conscious:  The majority of the products we use are waterbased, safe, not harmful to the environment and do not require much more than tap water for cleanup.  We are also very excited about the increasing number of "Green" coatings available and we try to use them whenever possible.  Be sure to ask about environmentally and family friendly options for your paint project as well as the "green sure" seal. 

There are many different brands of paint products out there.  Ultimately, we will use the products that a customer chooses, but we do prefer and recommend certain brands and types depending on the job at hand.  The majority of the residnetial paints we use are made by Sherwin-Williams (founded Cleveland, Ohio 1866) and Benjamin Moore (founded Montvale, NJ 1883).  These companies have he longest warrenties in the industry, been around for well over a century, and in our opinion produce the highest quality products.  We feel that if a customer is going to pay for a top quality paint job, why skimp on paint.

At the end of each day, the Job Site Manager on your job will walk around the entire house with you to answer or respond to any questions or concerns you may have as they arise rather than at the end of the job.  This assures quality from the start and that we meet your expectations.

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