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Please contact us to set up an in person consultation or to send us schematics/takeoffs for your existing or upcoming structure's fire proofing.  Be sure to include structural steel sizes and use (ie. school, warehouse, etc) so proper material needs can be determined to meet the required ratings.

Major strides have been made in fire proofing coatings over the years.  We now have coatings giving us longer UL ratings which allows for increased safety, but also more aesthetically pleasing tintable "Intumescent" coatings that allow for more open floor designs and the incorporating of structural building components into everyday architecture.  During a consultation we can discuss whether a "cementitious" or intumescnet coating makes the most sense for your project.

Liquid applied "Ignition barriers" and "thermal barriers" are becoming more and more popular in both new structures when using (SPF) Spray Polyurethane Foam, but also when retrofitting and older structure or bringing it up to date to meet the latest codes.  These liquid applied coatings can be sprayed to existing wood as a supplement to thick layers of gypsum board or can be applied over existing drywall to achieve the rating needed.  In many instances these barriers can also be painted over to increase the aesthetic look of a given space.

Common areas for these ignition barriers and thermal barriers to be applied are:
Utility Rooms, Attics, between adjacent occupied areas, underside of subfloors.

Note:  Bucci Painting Corp. is:
-Certified from Carboline to Install Fire Proofing
-Certified from Carboline Corrosion School

Industrial Coatings & Linings
Thermal Barrier applied in Attic over existing Open Cell Spray Foam