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Bucci Painting Corp.
Industrial Painting, Protective Coating and Lining

Paint and protective coatings are everywhere.  Whether it's your fuel tanks or your 
Administrative offices, we can properly prep and paint your project.  We'll take the time to do a thorough assessment and provide a detailed estimate of your project.  We are used to working around shutdown and production schedules as well as other contractors during multi-part projects.  We can also arrange full facility-wide corrosion audits and provide comprehensive protective coatings programs.  This is helpful for many facilities to prevent certain projects from becoming very costly by tackling them before areas deteriorate beyond normal maintenance.  Audits and coatings programs can also aid in budget and project planning for both the short and long-run. 

On site and shop work available.

Brush and Roll OR Spray Applications available

We offer Interior and Exterior wall and ceiling services:
-Drywall Installation, taping and repair
-Wall filler and Sanding
-Coating of Metal, Masonry, Gypsum, EIFS

Color Coding for Ease and Safety:  Placards, marking safety routes, curbs, rails, etc.

Tank Repair, Liners, and Coating services:
-Metal or Concrete
-Stand alone tanks
-Mobile Tanks including waste water and septic tank retrieval truck tanks.
-Tanks can be spot repaired or fully white metal blasted for complete liner installation.
-Deep Pitting can be repaired, joints and penetrations can be repaired and sealed.
-Cold weather applications available.
-Potable, Waster Water, Cisterns.   

Common Environments, but not limited to:
Power Generation/CoGen, USDA/FDA Food and Drug Manufacturing Facilities, Mechanical Shops, Correctional Facilities, Warehouses.

Areas of focus include:  Walls/Ceilings/Trim, Primary and Secondary Containment, Structural Steel, Pipe, Tanks, Tank Linings, Ductwork, Motors/Pumps, Framing/Support Structures, Power Generation, Food Processing, Warehousing, Prisons, Skids, Concrete Flooring, Roofing (Metal/Sloped/Flat/Rubber/Tar Shingled).

The key to a long lasting properly functioning coating is in the prep including power washing, abrasion, and sandblasting.  Picking and using the right primers are key for adhesion, sealing and preventing corrosion.  Mil thickness, temperature, humidity, previously existing coatings are all considered factors that are monitored during application.  Topcoats are selected and applied based on UV exposures, needed chemical resistance, and many other factors.

OSHA and facility regulations are followed closely throughout a given project, and proper standards are followed including SSPC/NACE standards.  Everchanging VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) laws are followed as well.  LEED Certified products and systems are used whenever possible and can benefit a facility in the form of tax credits.

Industrial Coatings & Linings