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"We want to help!!!  Be safe and protect your home by having our trained team safely and properly remove the heavy snow load from your roof.  Hope to help you soon!!!"
-James Bucci-

For several years now my painters and I have been providing painting services on homes both big and small, young and old.  We are a tight knit team that takes pride in our work, the manner in which it is performed, and ultimately in the final product.  We love painting, but during the winter we put aside our paint brushes to help those in need during times of heavy snow.  We not only do this for our existing painting customers who's homes we have come to love, but for all who are in need.  We take pride in knowing that by having our team do the climbing and roof snow removal for you, we can control some of the dangers that can arise due to heavy snow loads on a structure and during a homeowners attempt to remove it.  We also know that we are used to setting and climbing ladders and use safety equipment on a daily basis while others may not be used to doing so.  The fear of family members climbing high or falling can be alleviated this snow season by having our insured in-house team perform this important task for you.

Up Front Benefits: Free Estimates, 
& Insured (Liability and Worker's Comp)

We provide Professional Roof Snow Removal services to homeowners, businesses and property management companies. . 
Other Bucci Benefits:

  -FREE Onsite Oral Consultations and Written Estimates
  -No more worrying about heights, ladders, chance of falling
  -Quick Response
  -Courteous painters respectful of your family, pets and neighbors, and home
  -No smoking on site
  -Follow OSHA Standards to Assure safety
  -Take pride in our work

Thank you for seriously considering our services.  While you are here, after you give us a call, please check out the rest of our services here on our site.  We are looking forward to talking to you soon and we hope you have a wonderful day.
                                                     James Bucci

Hudson Valley
& Capital District
PO Box 74
Greenville, NY 12083

1(888) 993-8724

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